Events follow actions and not the one who does them

We have every thing inside ourselves . Even answers to the questions which have not been answered in our scientific world .

We all human beings are insignificant but our actions are not.We do what we are responsible for .Good or bad can be debatable .Bad is what has made good and good is what has made bad , these two are complementary forces .Every one has to do what he or she is meant to do irrespective of the fact , whether he is doing good or bad ,right or wrong .To understand it better we can say that the events follow actions and not the one ,who does them .

Whatever I am saying might have been said by a lot of great people but I have always known it . I dont know where it came from but it has been with me since i was a kid .

We are so small , so insignificant with respect to the system to which we belong and the same system is so complex that in a way it is good that we don’t understand this complexity .Otherwise there would not have been a single sane human being existing .We have been deliberately kept in dark so that we do what we have to do with out getting disturbed .

We have given this complexity , the name of God .Some one who can handle all that is so disintegrated but still integrated to the core like our universe ;our cosmos which is the summation of different forms of energies which is beyond the anticipation of human brain but not the human mind.


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