Why cant people trust easily.

People who are blind towards themselves are generally insecure. They think that the whole world has ganged up to make a fool out of them. Especially the People with power of position and money suffer from this kind problem .They may have a lot of knowledge about the world but they close themselves and do not let that knowledge seep in to their soul and corelate with their existance. They generally live in an illusion that they can manupulate any situation and can change the lives of people .They have no faith at all .They try to impress and influence others with their knowledge and power but they forget that their actions do not generally express their thoughts.The influence they have is generally very negative. They assume a lot of things about themselves and others and most of the time the assumptions about themselves is positive and about others is negative .They live with suspision and never come out of it .That suspision slowly becomes thier second nature.This nature of theirs does not allow them to trust any body, not even the closest ones .

People say that you should not trust any one .Is this kind of thinking right? What is this doing to the human race and to the society as a whole ? I bet no one would have thought about it. The more we do not trust others , the more we isolate ourselves , the more we close ourselves .We become sceptical and make others uncomfortable. The relationships become superficial . Can any one be open and truthful if he knows that he will be judged with suspision? The answer to this question is “NO”.

We say that day by day people are becoming lonely.Why? It is because, we dont trust any one any more. I dont know where is this lack of trust and more of suspision&negativity is going to take us but one thing is for sure, the picture of future will have less of smiles, happiness and hope and more of broken relationships and lonelyness because all that a person wants is to be accepted and not judged with an eye of suspision. 


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