Can there be a theory of every thing ?

 I keep thinking about a lot of things and feel that every thing around us is integrated  and continuous but to us every thing seems to be so disintegrated and discontinuous .We are  attached , by a placenta to that spec of time , matter and energy, space and conciousness, that constitutes this entire visible and non visible universe or we may call it cosmos ,around  and inside of us and no wonder that this Entity is feminine and is called Shakti .Is shakti ,the creator, the God we pray to.If we have come from the basic components that came together under certain controlled parameters to form life, the universe or Shakti ,must be containing billions of these components.Does that mean ,that Universe is our living God composed  of the elementary particles called Quarks , just like us and consisting of energy and conciousness which runs and governs our entire system.

Da Vince was not wrong ,when he said that our body is the miniature of the world around us. Our energy is centred inside our body(Kundalini) and we have seven energy levels (Chakaras). We can compare our body to any celestial object , like our earth which has an immense energy  at its core and the crust that has various levels and all regulated by the energy inside its core .  for that matter to an atom .Where energy or charge is centered in the nucleus and the electrons jump between various energy levels.Every thing has this basic structure , be it  Universe ,Galaxies , Stars , planets , Us and even the basic components that make us . And all these are inter linked and interchangeable .Though the two worlds , the one that we see and the one that we dont , dont happen to follow the same set of laws .The law of gravity fails at the subatomic level .

So will we be wrong if we ask this question  ?  Is science and God the two sides of the same coin. ,just like Mass and energy. Can there be a theory of every thing .Just one equation that answers all the questions about our existence and evolution, energy , start of time and space and the existence of the tiniest particles now Known as(quarks), combining in to such complex mixture of matter,energy and conscience. Subatomic particles like electrons and protons are no more our subject of study , what we study now is fermion and lepton group of particles that constitute our matter and various force carriers like gluons, bosons , gravitons and photons and every thing put together giving us the Theory of every thing , which Einsteins wanted to give us before he passed away.I think what he wanted to do was to put all the particles and forces together to give us the answer to our basic question , how every thing started and what was before that , if we take  Bigbang as zero time on the -x ,x axis , was there any thing in minus time span also or are we looking time as 2 dimensional  only and it has more than two dimensions which we dont know about . May be time has to be calculated on an xy plane. Well these are just the thoughts that keep coming to my mind .I think the civilisations that inhabited earth before us surely knew more than what we know today , May be they did not have the technology with them but the most important question that needed to be answered would definitely have been TIME .Time has always  been given a lot of   importance in all the civilisations.

In Bhagavad Gita Lord says”I am whole and I am Divine and every thing else ,living or non living is the part of this Whole . Every thing combined makes me complete.Your conciousness is nothing but a part of the whole conciousness centered with in me.”So is it that the Universe is whom we  refer to as God and the conciousness which we talk about is the summation of energies of various tiny particles which make the Universe and  us along with our thoughts.

We are alive because we have blood pumping heart  and neurons pumping brain .Our conciousness(Atman),or the electromagnetic energy field we as a celestial object consist and radiate , is alive too , because it has cosmic energy.So if we are regulated by our Atamn , what does our brain do? The mighty Brain , works as a medium between our conciousness(EMF)and matter.Brain works like a translator and that is what distinguishes us from the non living.Non living have EMF and matter but no brain to translate and in turn transcend  to the higher domain of intellect and knowledge.

Is our electromagnetic field affected by the electromagnetic field of Earth and electromagnetic field from all the celestial bodies including our Universe? Are Actions , circumstances , Time and matter , the out come of the interaction of the EMF fields around us ?Is the cycle of Time which is divided in to 4 Yugas by our ancestors , divided based on the changes in the Electro magnetic force? Is this force so significant that it has time and again changed the entire face of earth and its  living conciousness .


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