My life is finding time to dream

“My life is finding time to dream “, I believe that without dreams though one can go on but can not climb up the ladder and reach the pinnacle of life. How do we know, what we are going to do in our lives? Well that’s too much to ask .Isn’t it? We can not even predict our tomorrow .What is it that makes our minds think in particular directions?  As a kid we are generally influenced by the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of the elders around us. As we grow up though we assume that what we think is an individual effort of our brain but we are influenced by our past, what happens to us as a child lives with us until we die?

 I was a kid when I realized the connection between a thought, an idea, a belief, our dreams and our future. I was exposed to certain facts of life at an early age and I think that my life has been revolving around them ever since. Even today I am not sure if what I am thinking is right but I need to figure it out as soon as possible.

We as human beings usually come across two dimensions of existence but there are people who have a third dimension to their thinking .In those people their mind over powers their brain . They can feel the energy around them and connect their actions to the past as well as to the future .I lived with one such person and definitely her mind influenced mine. Nothing meant more to me than to find out the reason for such a behavior.She has been right till now ,what ever she has said has come true and I am surprised at the timelessness and universal level at which she connects objects ,events and people .If all she is saying is true then there definitely is a 3rd dimension to our lives.