I had a revalation

Hi every body,

I have been thinking through out  my life about what I am supposed to do , What is my purpose of life ?Today I realise that ,  I get happiness by helping people walk out of their misery .It sometimes takes just a small talk for someone to turn around his life and i can be someone who has a potential to do that .I know that I am a leader from with in because I do not follow conventions and I question every thing which has been preexisting .This proves that I can be a change agent for so many people. These days no one has got time to listen . But I think I can be a good listener too . So any body having unnecessary chaos and tension or questions can ask me .I will try my level best to answer your question and help you .I get all my answers from with in as i let my soul speak to me  . But approach me only if you know that you have a pure soul inside you . I would not like to entertain any stupid questions as this in the beginning of my path to know myself.