Still dont know why do I have to have a title to write

I love to write because I find it hard to express it otherwise. I have had a rough patches in my life as any other human being but now I am tired .I am tired of doing what I am being told to do and what I am being told is right. I have a soul of my own and I know it is always right.Then why do I need someone else to tell me what I should and what i should not.I am not so strong as I thought I was . I am weak and always have been .I am scared to face consequences .I am scared to put my foot down and say , “hey stop pushing me ,its my decision and i have to make it “.These days I have become more lazy and am running away from things.Just want to close my eyes and sleep over it as if am waiting for the day when the morning will bring me hope and desire to live and enjoy life . I feel dead from inside especially because I have no one to talk to .No vent at all .I thought that marriage will bring and end to the uncertanities of life and i will have some one to confide in and express my self to .I lived in my little fairytale of sleeping beauty because I truly believed that there was this 1 man I have to enjoy my entire life with .I did not open my eyes before . I am a simple person and keep my self away from the evil of gossips and unwanted exchange of who said what and am never bothered about any body’s business .I hate to talk about others and never expect any thing from any body .I have always cherished what any body has done for me and have got this desire to return back ,what I get .It holds true for my parents too but I guess all this is not applicable in this world .People think you are insane .They expect you to be diplomatic .Simplicity is a curse .People say actions are stronger than words but I say that the thought is the e . Actions follow .If your actions are right and your thought is not .It really does not count how much good you do .I know that my soul is pure and conscience is clear and i have not to be afraid of any body and also do not need any ones certificate to prove that because my God will stand by me as always .