I always believed in …….

I always believed that I could write well and express myself, more in words…I wrote a lot of goods stuff ….usually poems and my expression of thoughts was also good enough to catch the attention of others .I waited this long so that my thought process would mature with time and experience and i would becomeĀ a writer one day .I know I have to work a lot to be writing professionally, but dont know where to start . There was a time when things used to bother me and i was inquisitive and wanted to have a point of view as far as various issues were concerned . Now I just feel that all that is a waste of time and energy .I had a zeal to change this world and now i feel that I too am one of tiny ants working with out any reason .I dont understand this clash of thoughts were all that is around me seems to be meaningless and at the same time important .I need to know how i start writing a book of my own which would have all my thoughts .I have got a lot, stored in my head but dont know a way to consolidate it and put it in perspective .I need to know the reason , why am i here today.